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CRBCOF is excited to be a part of the City Bank Community Rewards program this year from November 7 - December 2, and we need your help!  City Bank will distribute $60,000 divided among 30 nonprofit recipients of amounts between $500 - $4,000.  Winners will be selected based on overall votes during the reward program.

Program details:

  • Go to

  • Go to Youth & Advocacy category and select Camp Rio Blanco Circle of Friends

  • Complete your name and email and submit your vote.

  • Individuals may vote 1 time each hour throughout the program.

  • Only 1 vote/per email/per hour is allowed.

  • Winners will be announced on December 6th.

  • No automatic computerized voting is allowed.

Set reminders on your phone or computer and vote every hour.  


Tell your friends and family about this program and how they can help make a difference at Camp Rio Blanco by voting every hour during the program!

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